A festival is basically an event or an occasion where people from all parts of the world meet up with an aim of socializing and really getting into the festivities of the occasion. People go to great lengths to attend these major festivals and a lot of income and finances is set aside by people to cater for the expenses incurred during such expeditions.

Some of the major international or globally recognized festivals are the Oktoberfest, Rio Carnival, Running of the Bulls, Mardi Gras and Hogmanay.

One of the most well-known and popular festivals anywhere is the Carnival, in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. In late February to early March, thousands of revelers from around the globe don costumes and join in the parades. This weeklong party is about people, dancing, and samba music. Everyone is there to have unlimited fun while experiencing this flamboyant affair.

The world has New Year, only Scotland has Hogmanay and Edinburgh is THE place to be. Hogmanay is how the Scot’s celebrate New Year. The Scots know how to have a great time all year round, but it is their celebration on New Year’s Eve that sets the standard. This is the biggest party of them all.

When a festival or event is not held locally to you, then is will be necessary if you going to attend to make travel arrangements as early as possible. As a result, many tour companies have been established to help festival travelers to reach their destinations and they have some great deals and packages.

Busabout is an alternative tour company that offers excellent and superb services to all its clients. This is a company that has vast experience in Europe and have developed the backpacker favorite Hop-on, Hop-off network as well as tours to the numerous festivals across the continent.

People attending these and other festivals travel hundreds to thousands of miles each year. They come from all age groups, with the majority being young people, ages 18-35 years old. The main point of going is to experience the different cultures and joining together to have a good time.

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