During pregnancy you may find that you have the need to travel, while travelling is not usually a problem, you need to consult your health care provider to make sure that it is okay, to travel. Some women can travel and others should not depending on the nature of the pregnancy they are having. When a woman is having an extremely delicate pregnancy her doctor will recommend that she not travel. Some airlines will not allow you to book or board their flight if it is your last month of pregnancy, unless your doctor gives you the go ahead in writing. Some doctors won’t give their consent to you flying after 36 weeks of pregnancy.

You should be aware that airlines have strict policies about women in the latter part of their third trimester flying. In fact after 36 weeks of pregnancy they frown on it and will need your doctor to state in writing that you are in fact allowed to take the flight. You may have a hard time getting your doctor to write such a document because at 36 weeks you can give birth at any time.

However under other circumstances a pregnant woman is free to travel once her health is up to it, however, there are a few things that are essential for your suitcase, the most important of course being your medical records, you should try to make sure that your trip does not interfere with any tests your doctor believes are vital to the well being of you and your baby. Be sure to ask your doctor to give you copies of your health records, so that you will have them readily available should an emergency occur, the doctor that you see will then have information at his finger tips so he can come up with the best strategy of treatment without the delay that can occur if he or she has to telephone or fax your regular physician.

So you see why it is important to take along your prenatal chart. Your chart will contain information about your last menstrual period and the results of several test that are routine in pregnancy, such as your blood pressure results, urine test results, your blood work results and your complete medical and surgical history, as well as if you are allergic to any medication.

The next wise thing to do is to carry any medications you might need, as they may not be available to you where you are going. Do not however remove these medications from their original packaging because as you go through customs you may need to prove that these are in fact prescription medications, so you will have no problems entering that particular area you are visiting. You might want to get travel insurance as this will ease the burden financially if you get sick while visiting or vacationing.

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