Hong Kong is a place that has plenty of wonderful lodging choices that you can definitely choose to stay in whilst your visiting. But if you’re particularly eyeing a safe haven, one that exudes a quiet neighborhood, then Happy Valley is an ideal place for you.

All over Hong Kong there are a range of classic studio flats and apartments and you need to know your stuff and be ready for a cool place to stay.

In Happy Valley which is on Hong Kong Island you will be impressed by the crazy range of things to do, the excellent location and the brilliant views. Happy Valley is stunning and a load of ex Pats, foreigners and Chinese locals all come here to chill out in swanky apartments after a hard day’s work.

Hong Kong can be a dear place so you do need to consider a lot of things if you want to meet your budget. You want a good location as well as cutting your costs.

Managed apartments are a great alternative to pricey hotel room accommodations because living spaces like these already come as fully furnished and fully serviced units. You can even stay in one for as long as you like, without breaking the bank.

These type of serviced lodgings will not only offer you some cost-effective housing options, but the managed flats also offer big spaces – a rarity in Hong Kong to have more space around you. You’ll also love the fact that there will be lots more privacy in your apartment, as room designs and outlook have been well thought out.

Most units already come with kitchens where you can cook and budget for your own meals. There is also a private bathroom that are made separate from the bedroom (unlike hotel rooms where the layout is all bunched up into just one space).
Happy Valley is situated in Hong Kong island not far from Causeway Bay and Wan Chai. The area has a mixture of locals, Chinese people from the mainland and also some foreign ex-Pats. Hong Kong is a diverse multi cultural city to find yourself at home in.

When staying in Hong Kong you will feel relaxed when you stay in one of the V apartments because each part will be fully managed and include all the amenities that a hotel could offer. Security is good and you will have everything you need.

You have got to love Hong Kong – this will be a cool place to live.

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